coconut/olive oil for frying
4 medium/2 large leeks sliced
2 x 500g sweet potatoes ~ 1 white and 1 orange
2 tbls curry powder
chilli powder to taste
4 minced garlic cloves
Himalayan salt to taste
white pepper to taste
3 cups chicken/vegetable stock
a handful of fresh coriander leaves
1 can coconut milk


Sauté the leeks and garlic in the oil. Add the spices, salt and pepper. Mix well sautéing for a few minutes. Add the sweet potatoes and give it a good stir. Add the stock stirring well and simmer until the potatoes are soft. Remove from the stove. Add the coriander and the sweet potatoe to a blender. You will have to do this in two stages. Blend until smooth. Transfer the soup to a glass bowl. Add the rest of the soup to the blender. Blend until smooth. Add all the soup back to the pot and add the coconut cream. Stir well until the coconut milk is no longer visible.


Be careful when adding the chilli powder. Its very strong. Add a quarter teaspoon to begin with. Thin the soup out with water for a thinner consistency.

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