10 lambs kidneys
10ml Himilayan salt
10ml chilli spice
5ml white pepper
1 large onion
tomatoe paste
a little beef stock
1 tbl fresh crushed garlic
olive oil for frying
butter for frying
a handful of fresh chopped parsley


Prepare kidneys by removing the hard inside part and then cutting them into small pieces. Brown in a pan with a little olive oil and butter. Remove the kidneys from the pan. Chop your onions and garlic together in an electric chopper until they are very fine. Sauté in the same pan with a little more olive oil and butter. Add kidneys back to pan and mix. Add the chilli spice, pepper and salt. Mix and sauté for a few minutes. Add the tomatoe paste and a little beef stock.  Mix well and now you will have perfect saucy kidneys. Add your parsley retaining a little for garnishing. Serve on Banting bread toast.

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