2 handfuls fresh parmesan cheese finely grated
2 tsp coconut oil or butter
1 egg
2 tsp sour cream
Himalayan salt to season
Ground black pepper to season
1 tomato, sliced (and one slice cubed for garnishing)
Avocado, sliced (and one slice cubed for garnishing)
3 slices of streaky bacon
Food ring


For the basket – Heat up a good quality non-stick pan sprayed with a little olive oil Spray ‘n Cook. Turn the heat down to medium. Take a handful or two of finely grated parmesan cheese, depending on the size of the basket you want and drop it evenly in the shape of a circle into the pan.

When you see it slightly bubbling and the brown coming through, remove the cheese with a spatula and gently put it over the bottom of a glass or small bowl of your choice. Using a piece of paper towel, push the sides quickly and gently towards the glass. It hardens within seconds.

Give it a few minutes to cool completely and remove. Your basket is now ready to use. Handle it with love and care. Fry the bacon and sauté your tomatoes slightly with Banting spices. Prepare your plate before scrambling your egg, slice your avo and reserve a few blocks to add to the cubed tomato for garnishing.

Line a food ring with the fried bacon. Crack an egg into a small bowl. Add two teaspoons of sour cream, a little salt and pepper. Beat. Add a little coconut oil or butter to your pan. Heat up quickly and turn the heat off when the butter/coconut oil has melted and your pan is nicely heated. Pour your egg into the pan and using a spatula or wooden spoon, pull the egg towards the middle until almost cooked. Remove from heat.

Remember, egg continues to cook even after it has been removed from the heat. Take your cooked scrambled egg and put it in the food ring lined with the bacon. Lift the food ring carefully with an egg lifter and put it into the Parmesan basket. Gently remove the food ring so the bacon and egg is left in your parmesan basket. Garnish with the cubed avocado and tomato. Place sliced avocado and tomato on plate with parmesan basket. You can use any Banting/LCHF friendly sides e.g. sautéed mushrooms, micro greens with a few rosa tomatoes, etc.

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