270g almond flour
100g fine macadamia flour
200g salted butter
6 large eggs
220g erythritol/xylitol sweetner
5ml lemon zest finely chopped
zest of one orange finely chopped
pinch salt
100ml freshly squeezed orange juice
10ml baking powder


120ml freshly squeezed orange juice
45ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 tbls xylitol/erythritol sweetner


150g cream cheese
70g salted butter
freshly squeezed orange juice
100ml xylitol icing sugar


Start by creaming the butter. Add a little sugar and one egg at a time. Continue until all the eggs and sugar are mixed into the butter and the mixture is nice and creamy. Add the rest of the ingredients excepting for the baking powder and flours. Start by adding a little flour at a time until all the flour is mixed in. Add the baking powder last. Grease a 20cm springform pan well and put the mixture into the pan and even out. Bake on 170° C for one hour or until the middle of the cake does not wobble anymore. After one hour the cake should already be golden brown. Place a piece of tinfoil gently over the top of the pan and continue baking if need be.

In the meantime mix the sauce and the cream frosting. When the cake is cooked, take a toothpick and prick a few holes all over the cake. Pour the sauce evenly over the cake catching the sides too. I have left the quantity of the orange juice out of the cream cheese topping as you can decide how thick you want it. I added enough orange juice so the topping could drip down the sides. Let the cake cool completely before icing it. Decorate with finely chopped pistachio nuts.


Do not panic if the cake takes long to cook. It has to bake properly. Leave it for a day before cutting it. It tastes much nicer after it has settled properly. Please try and use fresh ingredients and leave the butter and cream cheese out the night before so it’s really soft in the morning. The eggs should be room temperature too. Mix the sauce properly to dissolve the sweetner. Store the cake in the fridge and leave to get to room temperature before eating.

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