500g ground chuck
1 medium finely grated tomato
Health O’ Mat/Himalayan salt or salt of choice
2 tsps white pepper
1 medium finely grated onion
1 small handful chopped parsley
3 slices white Banting breadcrumbs soaked in a little full cream milk/water
2 free range eggs
80 ml olive oil
4 roasted minced garlic cloves


Place all the ingredients in a glass mixing bowl and mix with your hand squishing away until the mixture is very well mixed. Form hamburger patties and poke a hole in the middle with your finger to prevent the patty from shrinking and keep its form. Cook on a grill or in a good quality non stick pan with a little olive oil. Please make sure the chuck is a ratio of 30% fat and 70% meat. There is no need to squeeze the liquid out the bread crumbs. If you do not soak the breadcrumbs they will absorb the liquid in the meat. The buttermilk bread recipe is what I used for the breadcrumbs I made in the food processor. Please search my website.

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