1 spaghetti squash
6 steamed mini chicken breast fillets
250ml sour cream
1 cup finely grated cheddar cheese
a little cracked black pepper
sprinkling of Herbamare
freshly minced garlic cloves
1 small onion finely chopped
butter for frying onion


Cut the spaghetti squash in half. Remove the seeds and brush with olive oil. Turn open side down on a silpat on a baking sheet and bake for one hour or until it easy to prick the skin. Using a fork loosen the squash and place in a glass mixing bowl. Steam the chicken fillets for 7 minutes. Cut into small pieces. Sauté the onion in a little butter until slightly soft. Add everything to the bowl and mix well. Retain a little cheese for sprinkling on top. Put into an oven proof greased dish and sprinkle the remainder of the cheese over the top. Bake on 200° C until the cheese has melted and just turning golden brown.

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