2 – 4 chicken breasts
2 eggs
Fresh & finely grated Parmesan cheese (no packets)
Dried parsley
Health o mat Banting spice
Robertsons crushed garlic
Coconut oil for frying


Mallet chicken breasts between two pieces of cling film. Beat eggs in a large flat dish (these are enough for four breasts). If you only want to make two breasts, use one egg.

Put enough grated Parmesan to coat the chicken breasts onto a plate and add dry parsley, Robertsons crushed garlic and Health o Mat spice. Mix well.

Dip the malleted chicken breast in egg and then coat it with the Parmesan mixture. Coat well and fry in coconut oil. Don’t cook too long or chicken will dry out. Remember, the chicken is thin so it cooks quickly. Loosen the schnitzel properly before turning it gently.

Serve with sides of your choice. Salad is always a good choice. You can serve the schnitzel with a little cheese sauce over it or plain with a wedge of fresh lemon for squeezing over the schnitzel.

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