2 Banting bacon sausages
2 eggs
Tomatoes, sliced or rosa tomatoes
Avocado sliced
Coconut oil for frying
Health O’Mat Banting spice/Himilayan to taste
Ground black pepper


Fry the Banting bacon sausages in a little coconut oil in a pan for a few minutes until cooked.

Sauté your tomatoes in a little coconut oil with sprinkled with Health O’Mat or spice of choice.

Prepare your avocado and plate it together with the sausages and the tomato. Fry the egg in a little coconut oil and plate.

Sprinkle the avocado with chilli flakes and a little salt and pepper. Salt the egg and add pepper too.


The Banting bacon sausages can be bought from Banters Bliss. The Banting Health O’Mat spice can be bought from Authentic Spice Thyme. They are both on Facebook.


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